Big Walnut Area Historical Society

The Society was organized in April 1993. Primary  objective of the society is to promote the preservation of local history in all forms in Eastern Delaware County, Ohio. Over one hundred local residents became charter members.

After building a new library on Burrer Drive, Community Library Board of Trustees gave the Big Walnut Area Historical Society the Myers Inn to be used for a local museum and the promotion of local history.

Dedicated volunteers worked on legal documents, developed a constitution, and began planning for the eventual use of the Myers Inn as a focal point on Sunbury square.

Much of our time and energy has gone into the renovation of the Myers Inn.  Like the story of the Turtle and the Hare, the Society has continued to crawl forward.

The Society holds an Annual Picnic in August and participates in Christmas on the Square the first Saturday in December.  In all other months, regular meetings are held in the Myers Inn Museum on the second Tuesday of each month.  These meetings feature programs on local history and are free to the public.

Heritage Day is planned for the community each October. During this fall festival the Society recognizes local people who have contributed to the community in various ways over an extended period of time. Rocking Chair Crafters, entertainers, and local history lessons topped with homemade ice cream are enjoyed.

During the State of Ohio's 200th birthday in 2003, the BWAHS worked hard to promote the many events to celebrate local history.  Residents were encouraged to write histories from their point of view.  A series on newspaper columns, Because You Asked, ran in the paper and appears on this website.  Powerpoint programs have been developed to remind residents of all ages of our local history.

On July 4th 2008, after 30 years of working on the building to being it up to code, the Myers Inn Museum opened its doors.

On September 28, 2013, the society dedicated the equestrian statue to Major General William Starke Rosecrans on the Sunbury Village Square.  The statue was the dream of Tom Paul who portrayed the General as part the Rosecrans Command Headquarters committee of the society.  When the committee dissolved in January of 2013, the society continued raising funds.  Zanesville artist Alan Cottrill sculpted the bronze larger than life statue which was dedicated during the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War.

Many are working on the 200th celebrations of our townships which begn with Berkshire in 2006 and will end with Sunbury's 200 in 2016.

There is always room for good ideas, strong backs, good cooks or just friendly people.  Join us in our effort to make the Big Walnut Area Historical Society a part of your life.


Preserving Yesterday, Today, for Tomorrow


 (updated 05/19/15 )