After two years of working every weekend in good weather. . . .

It's Time to Raise the Barn

Work Began at
8 a.m.


First Wall Going up by 9 a.m.

21st Century Horses Lift
19th Century Beams
Guiding a Wall into Place
Lowering onto Footer
Anchoring the Wall
Celebrating the First Two Walls in Place  


Two walls up!!

Getting Wall Three Ready to Raise


Going Up!      Up!!        Up!!! 

A Little Left.  A Little Right!  Down  Onto the Footers!

Bracing the Wall


Checking the level of the wall

Well Deserved Mid-Morning Coffee Break!

In appreciation, the BWAHS Ladies have served lunch and beverages to the men each day they have worked.  They also provided first aid for blisters, splinters and sore muscles.

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