Barn Raising Schedule

August 16

Site Layout & Trunnel Making at Myers Inn 
   Trunnels are the pegs

August 22 and 23 Beam Preparation at Comisford’s
August 29 & 30 Site Prep and Trunnel Making at the Myers Inn
September. 12 & 13 Move Barn to Myers Inn and Prep for barn raising.
September 27 Poured concrete footers for the posts
September 29 Poured remaining footers
October  4 Made trunnels for the barn
October 10 Move new beams from sawyer to site, remove frames from post footers
October 11 Continue making trunnels and prepping beams
October 24 & 25 Continue to work on the beams and cover up for the winter
NEXT SPRING Barn Raising