Unraising - Day Two

All through the night the barn creaked and cracked.  It was definitely leaning more than the day before.  It soon became unsafe so the men decided to help it down.  Rick used a 1961 Allis Chalmers for the task
It stood firm, so Rick went to the other side
A push from the other side started the fall Down it came
Bill and Linda check out the damage

View from Back

View from Front

Rick, Bob and Carmine Rick
Clearing the roof framing

Linda and Tom
Board put on a trailer

Ready to pull off top beam

Carmine and Tom watch Rick pull with the A-C


Removing Pegs One at a Time


The Beam

Bill, Bob, Carmine, Joe, Linda, Monty, Rick and Tom Show Determination Will Win But They Have a New Respect for the Old Barn Builders

Tom, Monty
and Bill take
two pieces  of  beam apart

Load it on the tractor then the wagon

by types

for next Saturday!

Beam and supports placed for the new barn

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