There was originally a church between the Porter and Stark side of the cemetery.  Known as the Porter/Stark Cemetery,  The Starks were mostly Kingston Township people.  After the church was gone the two cemeteries slowly are growing together.
Edward Culver
 1831 at 79 years
Ebenezer Lott, Zephaniah Lott

Peter Van Sickle


On the 28th of April 2012,  Kingston Township installed a grave marker on the grave of Peter Van Sickle.   He was a soldier in the Revolutionary war.  The US Government sent the grave stone for installation.  The original grave marker was damages and removed many years ago.  His grave lays between His son Elias and Hannah Van Sickle and his Grandson Isaac and Mary Van Sickle.     

Thanks to Jim Haas for the VanSickle information and photographs.

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