Bea Tharp, a former Hill's Drug Store employee who stayed on with Shaws, cut the ribbon held by Dan Shaw to Open the the new pharmacy.  Other employees looking on are Mildred Bailey, Pat Wise, Peggy Ford, co-owner Joan Shaw, Peg Davis and Steve Grove on April 8, 1991.

Shaw Pharmacy Opens in Big Walnut Plaza

Construction   Stocking Shelves   Mildred Bailey
    Shaws1.jpg (151830 bytes)  
  Dan Shaw   Joan and Dan  
4,200 square feet laid out on the diagonal

Dan and Joan retired in 1993 and sold the store to Revco.  The store continued to serve the community until it was purchased by CVS which built a new pharmacy on the south east corner of Cherry Street and CCC Highway

Nuff said!

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