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Friday Morning, March 16, 1956

Fire Sweeps Two Sunbury Stores

Fire Walls help Save Other Buildings

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Postcard 1909
Twelve Fire Departments Fight Blaze that 
Threatened the Entire East Side of the Square

Gas left in old gas light pipes was the cause of the fire which began with an explosion in the old frame building.

 Electric Shop

At 11:20 a.m. Harry Snow, employee of Sunbury Elactric Company discovered the fire in the rear of the building and turned in the alarm.  The flames spread so rapidly that Snow and those in the food market barely got out of the building. 

Mrs. Satterfield and two other employees, Clarence Cross who was cutting meat and Mrs. Emily Ridenour, were in the store

A strong north wind and freezing temperatures hampered the firemen.

The firewall between the building and the other rebuilt after the 1926 fire, helped firemen contain the blaze.

Carleton S. Burrer owned the Sunbury Electric Shop.  Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Satterfield owned the food market.  The building was owned by Mrs. A. C. Williams, widow of the builder and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Edmund Williams. 

Satterfield's Red & White Store on East Cherry Street 

Carleton Burrer's Sunbury Electric Shop Truck

Carleton Burrer,
 Jack Crothers
 of Columbus
 and Southern
 Ohio Electric

During WWII

Carleton, Daisy
Burrer, Bud
Harris, Walt Gros
Carleton, a BST fireman, was returning from Columbus when he heard the siren and rushed to the fire house to discover his own store was on fire.

Harry Snow grabbed two ledgers and tried to get the cash drawer but the smoke was too thick.  His sister, Mrs. Leta Barnhard was the store bookkeeper.  Charles Robinson, an employee had just gone outside to the truck.  Daisy Burrer also worked for her son, Carleton.

In addition to the Berkshire, Sunbury, Trenton Fire department, Galena, Porter, Orange and 8 others departments aided  in controlling the fire.


Daisy Burrer,
Charity Baker
inside store

Restaurant owners kept the coffee and sandwiches ready for the fire fighters.  Mrs. Paul Stelzer of the Sunbury Grill said she couldn't brew it fast enough so Nestles sent her instant to use...Mrs. Maier and others from the Hub helped at the Grill.  The Sunbury Diner also sent in coffee.

More information is available in The Sunbury News, March 22, 1956

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