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Big Walnut Celebrates Ohio's Bicentennial

Fowler Family Gets Dressed  

Delaware County Sign

  Salute to Astronauts and Moon Rocks  
    Marker Dedication  
    Sunbury Singers Celebrate Ohio
Civil War - Friday      
  Set Up Camp    
Civil War - Saturday  
  Saturday Morning  
    Blue and Gray Tea  
      Saturday Afternoon
  Blue and Gray Ball    
    Artillery Fire at Night  
Civil War - Sunday    
  Church Service    
    Battle of Sunbury  
      Pickett's Charge with a Twist
Ohio in the War of 1812    
  Memorial Day    
    Old Time Mediacal Practices with Dr. Godshall
Wild West Reenacment  
  Grand Street Parade    
    Opening Parade of Participants
  Waiting for the Show to Begin    
    Wild West Show Historic Tableaux
      Wild West Show Features
  Behind the Scenes    
July 4th      
Come Fly with Me - A Day at the Sticks    
Community Ties    
Harlem Township Ohio Bicentennial Pig Roast and Potluck
  Community Park Dedication    
    Pig Roast and Potluck  
Heritage Day with Big Walnut Area Historical Society
Tour of Industry - Sunbury/Big Walnut Area Chamber of Commerce
State of Eight - Presidential Display at Community Library
Scott Hagan, Barn Painter, Address Local Barn Fans
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(03/23/2006 )