Pioneer Families in the
Big Walnut Area before 1816

list compiled by Suzanne Allen

This is a work in progress.  We are trying to get a complete list.  If you know for sure your family was here and have proof of it, please contact us at:
Huff (Hough)_______, 1801, Trenton Township

Fisher, Phoebe Hopkins, 1803, Kingston Township
Roloson, Jacob, soon after 1803, Berkshire Township

Barker, Orlando, 1804, Berkshire Township
Byxbe, Moses, 1804, Berkshire Township
Potter, Edward, 1804, Berkshire Township
Root, Azariah, 1804, Berkshire Township
Smith, Solomon, 1804, Berkshire Township
Stewart, Witter, 1804, Berkshire Township

Curtis, Mr., 1805 Berkshire Township
Harper, Mrs. 1805, Berkshire Township
Kilbourne, John, 1805, Berkshire Township
Rice, Adonijah, 1805, Berkshire Township
Slack, Ralph, 1805, Berkshire Township
Vining, Elam, 1805, Berkshire Township

Brown, Major Thomas, 1806, Berkshire Township
Fisher, George, 1806, Berkshire Township
Fisher, Jacob and Eva Ely, 1806, Berkshire Township
Longshore Charles, David and Elizabeth Warner Longshore, 1806, Berkshire Township
Patterson, John, 1806, Berkshire Township
Philllips, John, 1806/1808
Phillips, Hannah Pugh, 1806/1808                   from Del. Co. Pioneers
                                                     Have to look up twp. (Porter or Trenton?)
Prince, David, 1806, Berkshire Township

Adams, Desire Cook, 1807, Harlem Township
Armstrong, David and Sarah Draper, 1807, Trenton Township
Cook, Benajah and Cassandra Fanning, 1807, Harlem Township
Cox, Mehitabel Atherton, 1807,
Cox, William, 1807, Genoa Township
Curtiss, Marcus, 1807, Genoa Township
Ginn, John, 1807, Trenton Township 
Grist, George, 1807, Berkshire Township
Hess, George, 1807, Kingston Township
Landon, Hannah Atherton, 1807, Galena
Longshore, W., 1807, Trenton Township
Murphy, Bassel, 1807, Trenton Township
Newell, Elisha, 1807, Genoa Township
Perfect, Middleton, John, William Jr., Thomas, Truman, Rebecca, 1807,
      Trenton Township
Perfect, William and Elizabeth Day, 1807, Trenton Township
Phipps, John, 1807, Kingston Township
Plumb, Ichabod, 1807, Berkshire Township
Roberts, George, 1807, Berkshire Township
Root, Albert, 1807, Berkshire Township
Thomas, Mordecai, 1807, Trenton Township



Adams, Abraham and Suzanne, 1808, Harlem Township 

Adams, John, 1808, Harlem Township
Bennett, Daniel and Sarah Adams, 1808, Harlem Township
Brown, Ezekial  and Jane Smith. 1808 Berkshire Township
Brown, Thomas, 1808, Berkshire Township

Buel, David, 1808, Berkshire Township
Byxbe, Moses Jr., 1808, Berkshire Township

Carpenter, Judge Benjamin and Polly Ferrier, 1808, Berkshire Township
Carpenter, Cyrus, 1808, Berkshire Township

Carpenter, Reverend Gilbert and Sarah, 1808, Berkshire Township
Carpenter, James, 1808, Berkshire Township
Ely, Michael, 1808, Trenton Township (also listed in Sunbury Township)

Ely, Rosanna, with father, Trenton Township.
Felkey, Craft and Daniel, 1808, Berkshire Township

Gregory, James and Philena, 1808, Berkshire Township

Hall, Nathaniel, 1808, Berkshire Township

Lamb, Reuben, 1808, Berkshire Township
Loop, Christian, 1808, Berkshire Township     (on 1808 tax list)
Norton, Chandler, 1808, Berkshire Township
Pierce, Silas, 1808, Berkshire Township
Rogers, Nijah, 1808, Berkshire Township
Sturdevant, Noah, 1808, Berkshire Township

Sturdevant, Zan, 1808, Berkshire Township

Weeks, Daniel, 1808, Berkshire Township


Alden, Daniel, 1809, Sunbury Township
Anderson, Bartholomew, 1809, Sunbury Township

Armstrong, Charles, 1809, Berkshire Township
Aye, Jacob, 1809, Berkshire Township

Ayres, William, 1809, Sunbury Township

Barber, Joseph, 1809, Sunbury Township

Billington, Seth, 1809, Sunbury Township

Brown, Daniel M., 1809, Sunbury Township

Butler, David, 1809, Berkshire Township

Clauson, Jacob, 1809, Genoa Township

Closson, Richard, Genoa Township
Cowgill, George, 1809, Berkshire Township

Culver, Edward and Katharine Rosecrans Stark, 1809, Kingston Township 

Culver, John, 1809, Trenton Township

Day, Charles, 1809, Trenton Township                                                         

Day, Truman, 1809, Trenton Township 

Domigan, Enoch, 1809, Sunbury Township
Dunham, Jonathan, 1809, Berkshire Township
Dunham, Silas, 1809, Berkshire Township

Dunham, Marlach, 1809, Berkshire Township
Eaton, Joseph, 1809, Berkshire Township

Fairchild, Benjamin Mosely, 1809, Harlem Township (also on Sunbury Twp. list)
Foard, Augustus, 1809, Sunbury Township

Grist, John, 1809, Sunbury Township
Harper, James, 1809, Berkshire Township

Harper, James Jr., 1809, Berkshire Township
Hefs, George, 1809, Sunbury Township

Helt, John, 1809, Sunbury Township

Hevelow, James and Andrew, 1809, Berkshire Township 

Hevolow, Barnet, 1809, Berkshire Township

Hoadly, Philo, 1809, Berkshire Township

Hull, Abraham, 1809, Sunbury Township

Johnson, John, 1809, Berkshire Township 

Jones, Leonard, 1809, Berkshire Township 

Jones, Solomon, 1809, Berkshire Township

Kimsler, William, 1809, Sunbury Township

Landon, Nathaniel, 1809, Sunbury Township 

Latshaw, Joseph, 1809, Sunbury Township 

Leonard, Johnson, 1809, Sunbury Township

Leonard, John Jr., 1809, Sunbury Township

Lewis, William, 1809, Berkshire Township 

Longshore, Euclides, 1809, Berkshire Township

Longwell, James Eaton, 1809, Berkshire Township 

Loofborough, John, 1809, Berkshire Township 

Manville, Ely, 1809, Sunbury Township 

Manville, Nicholas, 1809, Sunbury Township

Marvin, Matthew, 1809, Sunbury Township 

McGowan, William, 1809, Berkshire Township 

McWilliams, James, 1809, Berkshire Township

Niche, Noco, 1809, Berkshire Township 

Norton, Chandler, 1809, Berkshire Township 

Olds, Comfort, 1809, Sunbury Township 

Olney, Discovery, 1809, Sunbury Township 

Patrick, Benjamin, 1809, Sunbury Township

Patrick, Joseph and Sarah Taylor, 1809, Kingston

Patrick, Norman and Sarah Williams, 1809, TrentonTownship.

Patterson, John, 1809, Berkshire Township

Perfect, William (probably Jr.), 1809, Berkshire Township 

Phancher (Fancher?), William, 1809, Sunbury Township 

Plumb, Ichabod, 1809, Berkshire Township 

Price, Joseph, 1809, Berkshire Township

Price, Joseph Jr., 1809, Berkshire Township 

Prince, Joseph, 1809, Berkshire Township 

Riley, John, 1809, Berkshire Township 

Roberts, Ebeneezer, 1809, Sunbury Township 

Rousch, John H., 1809, Berkshire Township

Rosecrans, John, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, John, Daniel, Nathaniel, Jacob,            
       Purlemas, and Crandall, 1809, Kingston Township

Rousch, John H., 1809, Berkshire Township

Royce, Nijah, 1809, Berkshire Township 

Scott, Asa, 1809, Berkshire Township 

Sebor, Jacob, 1809, Sunbury Township 

Sephus, Cone, 1809, Sunbury Township

Slack, Henry, 1809, Sunbury Township

Stark, James, 1809, Kingston Township

Sturdevant, Zar (Azar), 1809, Sunbury Township

Taylor, Daniel, 1809, Kingston Township
Taylor, Joseph, 1809, Kingston Township

Thompson, Richard, 1809, Sunbury Township
Van Loon, Nicholas, 1809, Trenton Township

Welch, John, 1809, Sunbury Township

Welch, Isaac, 1809, Sunbury Township 

Welch, David, 1809, Sunbury Township

Williams, James, 1809, Genoa Township 

Williams, Thomas, 1809 Genoa Township


Adams, Samuel, 1810, Berkshire Township
Anderson, Bartholomew, 1810, Trenton Township 

Black, George, 1810, Berkshire Township

Budd, James, 1810, Harlem Township

Budd, John F. and Remembrance, 1810, Harlem Township 

Budd, William and Martha Adams, 1810, Harlem Township
Carpenter, Reverend Gilbert and Sarah, 1810, Berkshire Township(Delete-moved to 1808 list)

Carpenter, Reverend Gilbert and Sarah, 1810, Berkshire Township

Carpenter, Gilbert Jr., Deacon Ben, Moses, and Samuel (sons of Gilbert),
     1810,  Berkshire Township 

Copley, Eleazer, 1810, Genoa Township
Dusenberry, David and Betsy Linnabury, 1810, Genoa Township 

Fancher, William, 1810, Harlem Township

Filkey, Jacob, 1810, Berkshire Township 

Filkey, Henry, 1810, Berkshire Township

Hendricks, Ary, 1810, Genoa Township

Hopkins, Timothy, 1810, Berkshire Township

Hough, Sylvester, 1810, Genoa Township

Linnabary, Joseph and Joanna Roberts, 1810, Genoa Township 

Murphy, Andrew, 1810

Olney, Sally (widow), 1810, Berkshire Township
Patrick, Benjamin, 1810, Kingston Township 

Perfect, Thomas, 1810, Berkshire Township

Roberts, Amost, 1810, Berkshire Township

Roberts, Hezekiah, 1810, Berkshire Township

Roberts, Hezikiah, 1810, Genoa Township
Rogers, Bixbe and Esther Adams, 1810, Genoa Township

Sebring, Fulkard, 1810, Genoa Township
Skeels, David, 1810, Berkshire Township

Smith, Ralph, 1810, Genoa Township

Smith, Ralph, 1810, Sunbury Township

Smith, William, Alex, and Ralph, 1810, Genoa Township
Williamson, John, before 1810, Trenton Township


Cockrell, Edward and Elizabeth, 1811, Harlem Township

Cockrell, James, 1811, Harlem Township

Day, Charles, 1811, Trenton Township                                                          

Leonard, Samuel and Nancy Brown, 1811, Berkshire Township

Perfect, Huldah Patrick,  1811, Sunbury or Trenton Township

Ridgeway, William, 1811, Trenton Township

Roberts, Samuel, 1811, Genoa Township

Smith, Alex and Martha Williams, 1811, Genoa Township



Adams, Rollin and Elizabeth Jones, 1812, Harlem Township 

Anway, James, 1812, Kingston Township 

Case, Riley, 1812, Genoa Township 

Fairchild, Mehitable Mosely, 1812, Harlem Township

Ford, Vatchel M., 1812, Harlem Township 

Ginn, James and Effie Brown, 1812, Trenton Township 

Hodgen, Henry and Sarah Adams, 1812, Berkshire Township
Osterhaut, Gideon, 1812, Berkshire Township 

Osterhaut, William and Hannah, 1812, Berkshire Township

Rogers, Bixby, 1812, Genoa Township 

Shicks, Michael and Sophina Titus, 1812, Trenton Township

Taylor, Benjamin, 1812


Sebring, Josiah, 1813 and Sarah Adams, 1813 Genoa Township                                     


Adams, David and Sarah, 1814, Harlem Township
Day, Presley, 1814, Trenton Township
Fischer, Elizabeth, 1814, Harlem Township
Hodgen, Charles and Richard, 1814, Berkshire Township
Miller, I., 1814, Harlem Township

Williams, Reverend John, 1814, Genoa Township


Aye, Jacob, 1815, Berkshire Township
Butler, Dorwin, 1815, Berkshire Township
Chambers, Cyrus, 1815, Genoa Township

Mullin, Thomas, 1815, of Genoa Township, land card record

Patrick, George, born in 1815, Trenton Township


Carpenter, William, 1816, Galena (Zoar)

Myers, William and Laurence, 1816, Sunbury

Lott, Ebeneezer,   Kingston Township

Lott, Joseph, 1816, Kingston Township

Lott, Leonard, 1816, Kingston Township

Lott, Zephaniah, 1816, Kingston Township
Prince, Joseph, 1816, Berkshire Township
Van Sickle, Peter Garret, 1816, Kingston Township
Young, Christian and Sallie Linderman, 1816, Galena

Cockrell, Edward, 1817, Harlem Township, son of Edward and Elizabeth

Lott, Riley, 1817, Kingston Township 
Van Dorn, Gilbert and Magdalena, 1817, Trenton Township

Williams, John, 1817, Sunbury


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