Yankee Street Home Was 
Stage Coach Inn, Postoffice

by Marian Whitney for The Sunbury News, June 16, 1966

The living room of the Curtiss Inn is pictured above.  Miss Leta Curtiss, one of the present owners and great granddaughter of the builder, is shown standing behind an antique platform rocker reading The Delaware Gazette dated 1860 of which A. Thomson was editor
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Curtiss Inn from Sunbury Road
in 2003

The Story Continues:
Construction of the Hoover Reservoir closed Yankee Street from Sunbury Road into Galena and removed the Yankee Street bridge which went across the water.  A small section of the road goes from Sunbury Road to the Copeland Cemetery.  

Neither Ben nor Leta married.  With the help of neighbors and friends they continued to live in the Inn.  Benjamin Wilkin Curtiss died in 1987 almost 93 years of age.  His sister, Leta, continued to live her home place until her death in 1995 a few months shy of her 98th birthday.

The Curtiss Inn and its contents were auctioned to raise money for the Delaware County Humane Society and other charities.   

Once again the Curtiss Inn became home to a Curtis family not related to the original owners and a new story for the home began.

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Yankee Street Photos

Curtiss Inn from Sunbury Road
in 2003

Yankee Street Bridge

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