Townley-Main Expands -1956

Townley-Main Open at 36 Harrison Street

In 1947 when most homes did not have freezers,  property at 36 Harrison Street was purchased and a locker plant was built by Cecil Townley and George Main.  Animals were slaughtered and dressed in the stone building east of the main building. 
Homemakers rented locker space for their meats and garden vegetables.  I remember my mother freezing foods in waxed containers and taking baskets of the prepared foods to her lockers.   Note on the bill to the left, Bale paid $7.50 to rent his locker for 6 months

Grocery stores were leaning toward self service.  In May 1948  Townley-Main, Inc. opened a self serve market in their locker plant  The latest open top refrigerated cabinets have been installed for fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, meats and dressed poultry.  The new store carried a complete line of food and household necessities.  Mayor Cecil Townley and George Main, owners, invited The Sunbury News readers to inspect their new market.

In 1950, the firm joined IGA (Independent Grocers Association) 


From Jerry and Matt Bale

June 1956 Mayor Cecil Townley and brothers, George and John Main,  expanded the operation and tripled the floor space to 12,000 square feet.  Meats were still a specialty. Chickens were dressed on the lot.  Lockers were still available but home freezers were more available so less space was used for the lockers.   We used them when we bought a side of beef and had it dressed.

Marshton Townley, son of Cecil and Violet, took over the company and it continued to expand until he had outgrown the Harrison Street store.  

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Mayor Cecil Townley and John Main, George's brother finish meat counter Click for identification   Maxine Roberts, Irene Nuckles, John Warner and Earl Dustin Gladys Townley
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George Main looks at expanded cosmetic and drug department

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Marshton Townley

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