Spanish American War Soldiers Buried in Eastern Delaware County

List compiled by Suzanne Link Allen

Bennett, Franklin Walker, 1875-1931. Served in Company A OVI during Spanish American War.  Buried in Galena Cemetery.

Dixon, Seaman 2 C Howard Edward. 1861-1919,   Enlisted in U. S. Navy on May 7, 1898; Receiving ship Norfolk, Virginia to May 26, 1917; served on  USS Nevada to November 11, 1918; Sea 2c 311 days; Sea 255 days; Regular Discharge on January 25, 1918.    Served in both Spanish American and World War I. Buried in Sunbury Memorial Park.

Edwards, William Friend, 1874-1964, Enlisted in the U. S. Army in 1898, and served in the Spanish American War; Buried in Sunbury Memorial Park.

Ridenour, Private Joseph B.- 1873-1947; Enlisted on June 13, 1898; Served in the lst Battalion, Ohio Light Artillery, Battery G  BN; Listed on Headstone applications for Military Veterans; Buried in Trenton Cemetery.

Sheets, Jno. D.- Served in Company G of 185th Infantry. Buried in Berkshire Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio.  

Waldron, Louis, F., 1871-1927. Served in Company L 12th Infantry; Served from 1898-1902 in Hospital Corps U. S. A. during Spanish American War; Discharged on May 8 1899 in Washington, D. C.   Buried in Galena Cemetery.

Wintermute, Joseph, 1875-1990, Enlisted in the Regular Army, 17th Infantry and served from 1898 until 1908. Listed on 1880 Berlin Township Census and 1910 Berkshire Township Census. Buried in Sunbury Memorial Park (has Cuba flag holder)                  

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