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Sunbury's Crystalline Erratic Left by Glacier


When the glaciers melted out of Ohio many large rocks (known as erratics) were left behind.  The largest crystalline erratic is located north of Hartford (Croton) Road east of the Conservation Club on private property.

Local history books, and old geography books say the boulder came from eastern Canada.  According to Lloyd Volk, a local geologist who specialized in rocks, the Sunbury boulder came from a mountain range in western Canada and traveled across Canada and the United States.  Ruts on the rock formations in Canada and around the Great Lakes confirm this fact.  It awes one to realize the size of a snowball big enough to carry such a rock any distance, let alone across the continent.

Folklore says the rock takes 32 men standing shoulder to shoulder to make a ring around it.  Actually the size is 22 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 8 feet high and has a circumference of 72 feet as noted in a 1984 bulletin from Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

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