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Sunbury Baptist Church from 1908 to 1999 at 99 E. Cherry Street

Fate of Old Church in Councils' Hands

Once again the fate of the old Baptist Church at the intersection of Cherry Street and Morning Street must be addressed.  The Baptists have built a new facility north of town which is larger and will hold today's congregation.  Although on two sides of the building State Route 37  has been lowered as part of the improvement to ease the passage of the road below the railroad trestle on Granville Street, larger trucks cannot make the turn on the street pavement.  They continually cut across the sidewalk at this intersection.  

In January of 2000, Dick and Rick Helwig moved their many businesses under the name of Ye Olde Church Center into the former church.  The windows and bell had been removed but the pews remained.  Like the former tenants, Helwigs have discovered the trucks coming ever closer to their building.  The Helwigs sold the property to the village.

So what is the village to do with the property.  The much needed parking lot is a great plus to the village.  Because of the closeness to the corner and the danger of the traffic, the village should remove the building and expand the corner to make it safer for walkers as well as vehicles.

Village Council voted to demolish the church building.  It was torn down in August 2004 by Garrabrant Excavators.

Building Coming Down - August 5- 2004 bc3.JPG (278494 bytes)

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Steeple Coming Down - August 11- 2004  
bc14-600.JPG (177107 bytes) bc15-600.JPG (192683 bytes) bc17-600.JPG (179260 bytes) bc17c chain-600.JPG (65538 bytes) Chain to pull steeple down broke
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Another Chain attached

bc20-600.JPG (194503 bytes) Another Chain broke so steeple left leaning until next day
  August 12, 2004  
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View a Video

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  Dark Cloud Appears as Steeple Leans  
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