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Big Walnut High School at 555 South Old 3 C Highway

Big Walnut Builds Second High School
On September 17, 1991, the new Big Walnut High School opened at 555 South Old 3-C Highway on part of the original 50 acres Sunbury School had owned.  Located south of the former Big Walnut High School which now became a Junior High School, this building sat where a former ecology center had been.  The Big Walnut Creek, for which the school district is named, flows behind the building.

Once again a more traditional facility was built.  The three story building sits on a hill overlooking the athletic fields for football, soccer, and track and the tennis courts.

Melissa Conrath is the Superintendent of the school district.

Photos of 555 South Old 3-C Highway:


During Construction 1991

Photos of Big Walnut High School    
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