Berkshire School - Between 1916 -1924
Postcard of Berkshire School Students - Girl with blue check is Dorothy Lucile Kendrick
Little boy 3rd from right in front row also is checked so it may be her nephew Paul C. Williams
Dorothy Lucile Kendrick attended the Berkshire School 1916-1924. Her grade card for 1922-23 school year shows all Eís(95-100) and Gís(75 to 89). Her teacher was J. W. Strawn. After completing the 8th grade, she went to Sunbury High School on Harrison Street. She graduated in 1928. Her class graduation composite is on display in the Myers Inn Museum.

The following is her story put together by Polly Horn.

Dorothy's 7th Grade
gradecard 1922-23
Teacher J. W. Strawn

Dorothy Lucile Kendrick was born October 27, 1909, in Mt. Sterling, OH, the third child of farmer William H. and Dora (Merrill) Kendrick. Her sister Hazel was born in 1894 and her brother Ralph born in 1898.

Between 1910 and 1916, the family settled on a farm near Berkshire.  In 1913, Hazel married Ralph Williams and did not move to Delaware County with the family. So I am guessing between 1913 and 1916, the family settled on a farm near Berkshire.

Dorothyís brother Ralph was 19 when he married Evalyn K. Wigton, daughter of Charles and Eva Wigton, in 1917 in Delaware. On the 1920 census, Hazelís 5 year old son Paul C. Williams is living with Lucille and her parents in Berkshire Township, in Delaware County.
Following high school, Lucille (changed spelling of name) went to business school and lived in a womanís boarding house in Columbus.

Upon completion of her education she worked as a bookkeeper in the banking industry. On July 19, 1936 she married Doyle Devere Lucas in Franklin County. Although they were married almost 50 years they had no children.

Doyle died in 1985 and is buried in Green Lawn Cemetery. 

Dale Brandon knew her when she was a bookkeeper and continued to assist her with financial matters and health issues until she died at age 95.   He brought this pieces of her memorabilia to the Myers Inn Museum.

Thanks, Dale!

50th Class Reunion May 1978
Leroy Perfect, Lawrence Clark,
Clarence Clark,
Lucille Kendrick Lucas, Esther McCormick, Mildred Searles , and Marie Metzger,
Esther Frye had to leave before the photo was taken.
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Lucile Kendrick's 4-H Award

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