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Souders Elementary at 4121 Miller Paul Road in 1991

Hylen Souders Elementary School Named for Educator

On September 9th, 1974, Hylen Souders Elementary School opened for grades k-5. Located on a 40 acre site, the 42,000 sq. ft. facility has 24 classrooms to house up to 700 students. Named after school superintendent, Hylen Souders, the school dedication was held on May 18, 1975.

Using the cluster concept, this building is a cross between the totally open concept of the Middle School on S. Old CCC and a more traditional classroom concept. Each of the five clusters consists of 4 rooms surrounding a teachers’ planning room.

Although moveable partitions are used to divide classrooms, the offices, restrooms and library have been moved to the center of the building to provide more space between teaching units. This is a big improvement toward reducing noise level. While the classrooms do not have windows, there is more glass in doors throughout the building to give the feel of more openness.  

There are grades 1-5 and 2 kindergarten classrooms in the school as well as a special class for those with a learning disability. A combination gym and cafeteria round out the facility.

When school opened, the cafeteria, gym and heating system were not ready. However under the leadership of Principal Mrs. Frances Mallow, 24 teachers, 6 cooks, 3 custodians, 2 teacher aids and a secretary made the school run smoothly.

During the gas shortage in 1979, all the elementary students had to use this facility as it had electric heat rather than gas. Students, and teachers attended school half time and shared desks. Community Library provided additional library books in boxes in the entry to supplement the school media center.  A couple of times the school had to close when the air conditioning failed but for the most part it has been a successful facility.

This building has remained an elementary school since it's construction.  Principles serving the building have been Frances Mallow, Melissa Zarch and Steve Butler.

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Mills, left
Mallow, right Retire 1979

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