Development of the Three Condit Communities

Map from 1866 Beers Atlas Trenton Township

Three Condits sprang up along the 605 roadway. The CCC highway intersected to form Condit which had the post office 

                 Old CCC Highway through
                            North Condit



Hartford or Croton Road  and 605 became a second community centered around the Presbyterian Church which was built on the north west side of the intersection.

               South Condit Hartford Road

◄Railroad  made Condit Station
The railroad chose to cross 605 at yet a third point and this intersection became known as Condit Station.  In addition to the depot, there was a mill which became the Landmark Co-op.  When CCC was improved in the late 1940s it was straightened and paralleled the railroad.  Eventually a gasoline station was added to the area.


Illustrated Historical Atlas of Delaware County Ohio
by L. H. Everts & Co., Phildelphia

Modie's Centennial Atlas of Delaware County, Ohio




         South Condit Hartford Road

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