Big Walnut Area Historical Society membership is open to anyone who pays their annual dues to the Society.
Print the following form and mail it with your check to Big Walnut Area Historical Society



Phone:  (          )_______-___________




P.O. Box or Apt.# __________________







Email Address

Mail to: Big Walnut Area Historical Society, Box 362, Sunbury, Ohio 43074 

    Membership Dues            

Individual Membership     $20

Meetings are held
at 7:30 p.m.
on the second Tuesday
 of each month
in Myers Inn on the corner of Granville and Columbus Streets
facing Sunbury Square

Family Membership     $35
Business Membership-
     10 or fewer employees
Business Membership-
11 to 99 employees
Business Membership-
100 or more employees
Contributing Membership     $75
Patron Membership   $100
Silver Patron Membership   $500
Gold Patron Membership $1000

Officers and Trustees of 
Big Walnut Area Historical Society 2019




Bill Comisford

- President for 2020
Brian Moore
- Vice President for 2020

Damon Bower

- Secretary for 2019

Bill Kavage

- Treasurer for 2019

Polly Horn

- Museum Curator, Webmaster


Suzanne Allen (2021)
Damon Bower (2019)
Bill Kavage (2021
Alice Lachler (2021)

Mel Meyers (2020)
Mindy Pyle (2020)

Roger Roberts (2020)
Amy Welsh (2021)
Carol Wood (2019)
Eva Jane Williams, Emeritus


Trustees meet at 1 p.m. the 1st Monday monthly


By-Laws of Big Walnut Area Historical Society,
October 9, 2018