Preserve Today for Tomorrow

What will tomorrow's residents know of our lives in the Twenty and Twenty first centuries in the Big Walnut community?  What will be remembered from our fastfood, throw away lives.

Our lives are much richer than the sensational headlines and court records show.  However if we do not take time to preserve the little things, our great grandchildren will have a false look at out lives.

►   Preserve and Label Your Family Photos
Learn how from Lenny Lepola

►   Research Your Family Genealogy
Trace your Lineage back to a Civil War  Soldier

           Become a Delaware County Pioneer 
              -Trace your family to a local settler who was here before 1850.

►   Record Your Family Stories
People will always be able to do their genealogy but they will not relive
         the untold memories of your generation unless you document it.  Need
         help getting started?  Read Bob Greene's For Our Children's Children
which is available at Community Library.  Check out the various
         books completed by local residents in the 929.21 section of the 

►   Share the Memories of Our Community
        Contact Suzanne with stories you remember from the community.
         Her committee is collecting them for memory books

►   Do Your House Genealogy


Start Today.  Discover why so many people enjoy the adventure of discovering their roots.  Do not put it off or you will not get it done.
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