Tuesday, June 11th. . .

War of 1812, National, State and Local Impact
Presented by  Gale Martin

Gale Martin of the Marion County Historical Society will present a program on the War of 1812 and its impact on the national, state and local levels. When war broke out in 1812, the United States of America was still a young nation having won its independence from Great Britain less than thirty years before.  Although the main population was on the east coast, pioneers were beginning to move westward into what became Ohio, Michigan and other states in the Northwest Territory.

This territory was still largely unexplored.  There were few roads, making travel difficult. Communicating between established settlements often took days. Supplies were hard to obtain and the Native Americans resisted the new settlers encroaching on their land, causing a real concern.

During the War of 1812, the portion of what would become Marion County below the Greenville Treaty Line was part of Marlborough Township in Delaware County. The northern area was still off limits to settlement.  It was not until 1824 that Marion County would be officially established by the Ohio State Legislature with the area below the Greenville Treaty Line not being added until 1848.

Many modern Ohioans are unfamiliar with the role central Ohio played in the War of 1812.  For instance: Nathaniel Brundige and Nathaniel Wyatt and their families were the first settlers to enter what is now Marion County.  They arrived about 1807.  In 1809 and 1810, Wyatt built a substantial two-story brick tavern and hostelry on the old military road  along the Whetstone River, near Waldo.          

Due to the War of 1812 a palisade fence and two blockhouses were constructed around the tavern, and the site became known as Fort Morrow.  An estimated 10,000 troops marched through Marion County during the war in addition to the multitude of teamsters and wagons loaded with supplies, equipment, cattle and horses.  

Ms. Martin
bring  a few of  recently published booklet on the War of 1812 which they have for sale in the Marion County Historical Society  gift shop.  

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