Tuesday, September 10th. . . .

Rosie Frazier to Tell Tales of the Underground Railroad

Rose Frazier will present Tales of the Underground Railroad at the Big Walnut Area Historical Society meeting, Tuesday, September 10th, at 7:30 p..m. in the Myers Inn Museum Meeting Room at 45 South Columbus Street in downtown Sunbury.

Mrs. Frazier, better known as Rosie, is not a stranger to Sunbury. She has made many guest appearances to demonstrate pioneer and Native American toys and crafts for children and to teach bobbin lace making to adults

After 30½ years of teaching Special Ed classes and serving as a school librarian, Rosie has devoted much of her time to the study and sharing of history. She belongs to several historical associations including a couple of Township Historical Societies and George Rogers Clark Historical Society in Springfield. Rosie conducts a history round table every second Wednesday for Columbus Parks and Recreation in Gillie Center. She serves as historian for Westpark United Methodist Church. He serves on the Board of Trustees for the Franklinton Historical Society and the Steering Committee of the Life Long Learning Institute of Columbus, Ohio.

Doing 1st person characters is a hobby she has taken to schools and clubs. She volunteers at Ohio Historical Society, in Ohio Village and the Thurber House. In Greenlawn Cemetery, she reenacts an early Columbus pioneer on special occasions. Any thing history oriented is right up Rosie’s alley. She enjoys doing the research as well as presenting the programs.

The Underground Railroad has been a favorite subject for Rosie. She is even a member of an Underground Railroad study group.

In addition to history, Rosie enjoys gardening, biking, sewing, reading and traveling. She and her sister are often on van tours around the state and beyond.

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