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January 12th, 2016



Tuesday,  January 13
Social & Cultural Conflicts:
Remembering the early 1960s

by Polly Horn
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Tuesday,                           July 14
Blazes, Posts and Stones
Surveying Ohio's Frontier
by James Williams
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Tuesday,  February 10
Colonial Campaigns through the eyes of
Col. William Crawford

by Roger Roberts
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Tuesday,                        August  11
Annual Old Fashioned Picnic
6 p.m. at the
BW Conservation Club
bring a dish to share, your own table service, beverage and a Friend

Tuesday,                          March 10
Stagecoach Inns in Delaware County
by Brent Carson
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Tuesday,                        September 8 
Camp Chase and Families from Around Here 
by Paul Clay
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Tuesday,                            April 14
On the Trail of
John Wilkes Booth 
Hon. Alan Norris
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Sunbury News
This Week in Delaware


Tuesday, October 13, 2015  at 7:30
Military Uniforms & Memorabilia of
World War II

with Bob Croce

Tuesday,                            May 12
Creating the Victorian Internet: Technology behind the Telegraph Era
Jack Brown
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In the News


Tuesday,                   November  10
The Ledger of Nathan Dustin, 1815-1831
by David Simmons

Tuesday,                           June 9
Covered Bridges in China
by Dave Simmons
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Saturday December 5th

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