Big Walnut Area Historical Society presents . . . .

Roger Roberts will present the "History of the Automobile through the 1920's" at the Big Walnut Area Historical Society meeting at 7:30 Tuesday, February 14, in the Myers Inn Museum Meeting Room. The presentation will cover some of the inventors from various countries of the world and images of various vehicles. Steam, electric, and internal combustion vehicles will be highlighted.

At the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century a new form of transportation began to appear worldwide that would transform the way humans move goods as well as themselves. Horseless vehicles would soon become the way the world moves. Inventors and companies tried various forms of propulsion before eventually settling on gasoline-powered internal combustion machines. Hundreds of companies emerged creating some strange looking machines. The presentation will cover some of the very early inventions and cover the automobile industry into the 1920ís. A number of images of these early automobiles will also be presented.

Roberts, a retired history teacher and guidance counselor for Big Walnut Local Schools, is a Trustee of the historical society, coordinator for the monthly programs,  the Sunbury Town Crier and a docent in the Myers Inn Museum.

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