Ice Cream Parlors, Diners, Restaurants

Creme Corner on North Columbus Street in 1966, Oakhill Barbeque in 2017


Brent Carson will present a program on Ice Cream Shops and Diners in Delaware County at 7:30 Tuesday evening, October 10th in the Myers Inn Museum Meeting Room for the Big Walnut Area Historical Society.  The program is free and open to the public.

In Sunbury, we know Chuck Ward collected ice in the winter and kept it in straw to sell to people who still had iceboxes before refrigerators.  He had a small shop on the point at Rainbow and High Street where he sold ice cream cones as well as gasoline.  Others in Sunbury sold commercial ice cream such as the Sunbury Grill, Main’s Drug Store and Fountain which became Hill’s Pharmacy. The Fountain did not go with the business when it moved from Vernon Street to Granville Street.

In 1963 Hoyt Whitney bought some of the old Burrer Mill frontage on North Columbus Street.  When the big building came down he built a fast food building to rent.  It was called Aveys Creme Corner, later Fuller Creme Corner and eventually Shiveley’s Creme Corner.  The family ran the business in the summers and enjoyed warm weather in the winters.  In recent years this became too much and the Creme Corner closed.  Today it houses Oakhill Barbeque.

Carson was born in Delaware, graduated from Hayes High School and taught in Willis Jr. High until he retired.  He has been a pillar in the Delaware County Historical Society for many years and is currently the president of the society.  He co-chaired the Delaware County Bicentennial Celebration with Rick Helwig in 2008.

Through the years, Carson has helped produce several DVDs and programs on a variety of topics of local history.  His latest on Friday Night in Downtown Delaware is for sale in the Myers Inn Museum Gift Shop.

Today Brent can be found giving programs to schools and community clubs, giving tours of the historical society and the surrounding area, and always collecting history and stories of the county. 

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