Program at 7:30, Tuesday January 8, 2019. . . .
James Killroy
A Nobody
Story of a World War II Icon

Why did the icon with the message Kilroy was here appear around the world?  Richard Doritty will share the story at 7:30 Tuesday evening, January 8th, with the Big Walnut Area Historical Society in the meeting room of the Myers Inn Museum.  Admission to the program is free.

James Kilroy became a name spread all around the world and most people thought it was fictitious.  The truth will be revealed by Doritty.

Richard A. Doritty was born in Erie, PA and graduated from Erie Technical High School in 1959.  Six months later he entered the Air Force where he served with the 60th Fighter Interceptor Squadron as an electronic technician. After his discharge in 1964 he went to to work for Western Electric Company in Columbus.   He attended Ohio Technical Institute and earned an Associate Degree in Electronic Technology.

1967 he married Sharon and they moved to Sunbury.
He became active with the music department at Big Walnut High School.

After retirement in 1996, he served as a part time officer with the Sunbury Police Department and became a member of the B.S.T.&G. Fire Department.  He is still active in Sparrow Masonic Lodge and serves the American Legion Post 457 as Sargent at Arms.

Doritty supports and participates in many activities associated with military veterans including the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial in Sunbury.

Come to the program to learn the truth about James Kilroy, a nobody who left a big foot print on post war lives, fences and outhouses.
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