Ghost Towns
of Marion County

with Gale Martin

Gale Martin


When Gale Martin returns to the Big Walnut Area Historical Society at 7:30 Tuesday evening, September 10, in the Myers Inn Museum, she will talk about the Ghost Towns in Marion County. This program is open to the public. Admission is free.

Join us as we explore the ghost towns, villages and unusual place names from Marion County Ohio; towns that, for whatever reason, simply ceased to exist. Imagine strolling these dusty roads for a glimpse at a bygone era, and go back to the days when the streets were busy, even booming. Over time, some changed names, others dried up because industry disappeared or there was a major catastrophe such as a fire. Some disappeared because the railroad moved its line or were absorbed by other towns. Others are marked only by a street name, a cemetery, or a word on an old map. Some were never more than the name of the post office. If these abandoned spaces hold a fascination for you, mark this program on your calendar and join us on September 10.

Martin is a trustee of the Ohio Prairie Association and the Appalachia Ohio Alliance Board of Trustees, and currently the director of the Wyandot Popcorn Museum. For 13 years she was the Executive Director of the Marion County Historical Society having retired from that position in July of 2017. Before accepting the position with MCHS, Gale was the education specialist for the Morrow County Soil and Water Conservation District and a part-time naturalist at the Mount Gilead State Park.

Gale has presented programs to B.W.A.H.S. historical society on tracing your ancestors, dating old photographs, and heritage plants.  All have been educational and entertaining.

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