7 p.m. on Tuesday, February 22, on Washington’s Birthday, Van Young Presents

Daniel                Boone  
Our First Pioneer

Van Young

   To Big Walnut Area Historical Society
Via Zoom

Our speaker considers himself to be a self-taught historian. Since his retirement in 2012, Van has immersed himself in the study of American history, with an emphasis on the 18th and 19th centuries. He enjoys reading and studying the great civil war era and the effects the war still has on our society today. Van enjoys learning about the people that helped shape our country and the key events that were significant to our nation's growth. Our U.S. history can be hard to read about, at times, since the expansion of immigrants and settlers to the west, was often at the expense of the Native American populations already living there. His story is about one such man and time. “Daniel Boone – Our First Pioneer”.

Daniel Boone was a true American pioneer. Often called the Great Pathfinder, he helped blaze trails during the 1700’s and led people to travel and settle in what would become all of Kentucky and other parts of our wilderness lands. He was an explorer, solider, statesman, Indian fighter, and father of 10. The talk shares his life and accomplishments, while also telling about the hard times and challenges colonists were faced with in the colonial era of the 1700’s.

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