Van Young's               
White House Trivia

Van Young will give the presentation “Presidential and White House Trivia” to the Big Walnut Area Historical Society on Wednesday, February 15 beginning at 7:00 in the Myers Inn Museum.

Ask yourself “How many U.S. presidents have there been?” “Which president got married in the White House?” “Who was our youngest president?” This talk takes you through some of the most unusual and little known facts about our Commanders in Chief, and the house they lived in. From George Washington to Joe, the audience will participate and learn about our more famous U.S. Presidents, as well as many of their quirks and habits. What a great way to celebrate President's Day than to learn about and better understand our Chief Executive Officers."

Born and raised in Ohio, Van has lived in Columbus for almost 40 years, Since he retired in 2012 from AT&T, he has spent much of his time doing research on the civil war and other historical events and then presenting programs to historical groups.
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