World War II from The Sunbury News

Bill Whitney, editor of The Sunbury News came each person from the community  who served in WWII a subscription to the newspaper.  In return he ask the men and women to share their experiences with him and his readership.  Under the heading "With Our Men in Service"  local residents kept track of the servicemen and women and their adventures.

Bill's wife, Marian, clipped each column and pasted them into a scrapbook which she indexed by name, injuries, deaths and Prisoners of War.  Thus Bill could always review each one's military history.

In the early 1970's Marian was retiring  and cleaning out the office and came across the scrapbook.  She threw it into the trash thinking it was of no future use.  Polly, her daughter, retrieved it and took the scrapbook to Community Library where it was stored until just before Polly's retirement (in 2005) when she made it  into a Powerpoint program. 

The program which lasts about 45 minutes is a tribute to the 917 men and women from this community who served in World War II and were mentioned in the column.  22 were killed, 49 were injured and 7 were held as prisoners of war.  This is their story as they told  it to Bill Whitney and The Sunbury News.


To book the program for your event, contact Polly
A dark room and electricity must be provided

No fees are charged for the program but a donation to the Big Walnut Area Historical Society is appreciated.
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