Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - Waiting for the Boulder to Arrive

Statue walk and pillars which will hold the statue.  Designed by Tom Paul.

Getting everything ready to move the boulder from the truck to the square

Boulder moved from truck bed onto base


Rotating the boulder into place for the best fit


Boulder set aside while T.J. and Matt Hoover make adjustments


Front row left to right:  Bob Marshall, owner of Eastland Crane, Craig  Marshall and  T. C. Criswell,  of Eastland Crane

Middle row:  Stacy Wills owner of Eitels Towing, Janet MacKenzie - BWAHS President, David Brehm- Sunbury Solicitor, Ken Crowl- BWAHS Trustee, Mayor Tommy Hatfield, Polly Horn - boulder moving coordinator, Bill Comisford- Chairman of the Statue Committee, Damon Bower- Treasurer of BWAHS, Henry E. Shaw, jr.- Treasurer of Statue Committee.

On the boulder:  Jimmy Bushman - Eastland Crane Operator,
Tom Spence of  Eitels Towing
Many thanks to Stacy Wills owner of Eitels Towing, Bob Marshall owner of Eastland Crane, Doug Spangler  of Cellar Lumber, Matt and T. J. Hoover  and the Sunbury Village Police force for getting the boulder settled on its new platform. Thanks to Bill Comisford, Henry Shaw, Damon Bower, Janet MacKenzie, Alice Chapan, and Lenny Lepola for doing their part to make this day a success. 

Bill Comisford, Henry Shaw, and Damon Bower discussing the next phase

Thanks to those who have donated time and money to this project. 
Of the original $176,500 needed for the statue, we still needed to raise $82,000.


The photos were taken by Lenny Lepola and Polly Horn

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