Please Register with Kroger Today So BWAHS will Get Your Community Rewards $$'s

Have your Kroger Plus card available.

Please click on this link:
choose to  Re-enroll (number 1 below) or Enroll if you are new to the program (number 2 below).  If everything is Ok you do not have to re-enroll

1.  Click on I'M A CUSTOMER if you were in the program last year

    Line 1 Our number is PS720

    Line 2.  Click in the O if it says Big Walnut Area Historical Society

    Line 3. Click on Save Changes

    Thank you. You are finished.

2.  Enroll if you were not in the program last year.
            You need a Kroger Account.  If it is set up using your email account you
    are ready to enroll in the Community Rewards program.  Go to number 3
           To set up an account:  Just below the blue banner with lots of links, Look
     at the far right and click on
            Create an Account
.  Follow the screens.  If you get confused, check this
       list of helpful instructions
            by  Clicking  on  Kroger Online Account Registration at the bottom of the
            web page reached by the link at the top of this page.
            You must put in your email address and a password to make the system
             work.  You can choose  which of the other benefits you sign up to use.
   number is PS720. 
            Select Big Walnut Area Historical Society
by clicking in the O

3. If you already have an account with your password click on
        Sign in using your email address and password.
         #1.  Enter the code number  PS720
         #2.  Click in O to confirm you want Big Walnut Area Historical Society
         #3.  Save the Changes by clicking the blue bar

                            THANK YOU FOR HELPING

Please watch on your next Kroger receipt to be sure we are listed.  If not try again or email us at for assistance. 

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