February 1930 in Sunbury . . . .
Charles Wheaton and Company owned 25 and 33 East Granville Street.  Conklin and Irwin bought the double building at 33 Granville Street for Hardware, Stoves and Furniture.  In 1923 Walter Lenhart at the age of 19 began working for Conklin and Irwin.  Eventually he bought the business and ran Lenhart's Hardware until he retired in the 1960's.
Big 4 Hangar and Rod for Door Track
Corbin Extruded Metal Padlocks
New All Enamel Majestic Range in Blue Green, Gray, Ivory, White
Globe Ranges- Best Low Priced
Globe Glow-Boy
       Circulation & Radiation

Yankee Automatic Push Drill - 8 bits
American Radiant Stove
Butler Auto Hog Watering Fountain

    BPS Glosfast Enamel
De Laval Cream Separator $45 up
Zinc Insulated Anthony Fence
American Hexagon Poultry Wire
1 cent per square foot
Let a Brooder Mother Raise Your Chicks
Delaware Automatic Incubator
Portable Oil Heater $7.25 up
Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet
$39.50 up
Coxwell Comfort Chairs - 24.50
Beautiful Rugs  20% off
3 piece Bedroom suite $69 and up
    Dining Suites 
$200 8 piece for $149 cash
Complete line of Simmons Beds, Springs and Mattresses
Blasting Supplies
Dexter Speedex one tub Washer $99.50 to $104.50

Thanks to Dan Shaw who donated this advertising flyer in a picture frame to the Myer Inn Museum.

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