Compiled for Big Walnut Area Historical Society by Polly Horn

Compiled for Big Walnut Area Historical Society by Polly Horn

* Articles ran in The Sunbury News in the Because You Asked column in 2003
* Articles ran in The Sunbury News in the Because You Asked column in 20


Articles by Polly Horn published in The Sunbury News

Sunbury Plat Map

January 7 The Sunbury News
January 14 Why the Name Sunbury
January 21 Roots in Pennsylvania
January 28 Farmer's Bank Saved by Buttons and a Raccoon
February 4 Sunbury's Glacial Boulders
March 3 Myers Family from Pennsylvania to Ohio
Sunbury Plat Map
March 10 William Myers Family
March 24 Remembering Sunbury of 1846-Amos L. Shangle
March 31 Lawrence and Eliza Brown Myers
May 5 Henry and Martha- Two of Lawrence's Children
May 12 Thomas Philip Myers, Lawrence's Son
May 19 Digging Again at 44 Burrer Drive
June 9 Reviving Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in Sunbury
June 16 Life without Smart Phones
June 22 Sunbury's Centennial
July 14 Spring Fed Creeks Bring Businesses to Sunbury (Gammill's Hoop Factory and Burrer Mill)
July 21 What  a Difference an E Makes!
Early Sunbury Mills and Stone Quarry
July 28 Burrer's Mill Succeeds in Sunbury
August 4 Electricity Comes to Sunbury
August 11 Cook's Harness Shop -Cooks of Down-Town Sunbury
Oatfield Whitney's Memories from 1930
August 25 At the Cross Roads- the Boyer Hotel
September 9 Hezekiah Roberts or Hezekiah Rogers, part 1
September 29 Hezekiah Roberts or Hezekiah Rogers, Part 2
October 6 First Football Team in Sunbury
November 24 S Curve in Letts Avenue
December 1, 2016 Christmas-on-the-Square
December 11, 2016 Remembering Sunbury 1912-1918 with Mildred Weiss Tarshish
December 29, 2016 Blue Grass Grove with Esther McCormick

Local History is a collection of facts and stories gleaned from newspapers, histories and individuals who lived the events.  I have made every effort to be sure the incidents are accurate but errors do happen so please contact me if you have proof of errors and we will work together to correct them. 

General Big Walnut Area History is followed by Townships and Villages

                         Assistance Needed
                       Identification of Photos
             Most Recently Added to this Site

Big Walnut Area History
Early Settlers
Forests, Prairie. Bridges
Community Library

   Also see:
         Community Library Ohio's 200th Display

Big Walnut,  Center Village / Harlem, Galena,   
    Maps, Stagecoach, Railroad
S Curve in Letts Avenue
American Revolution,   War of 1812,   Civil War,
    WWI,    WWII Korean War  Vietnam,   War on Terror
    Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial

Outstanding Historical Figures
  Curtis, Ben - golfer
    Lane, Foster - aviator
    Rosecrans, William Starke - Major General
    Sherman, Everett - bridge builder
    Southworth, Billy - baseball manager
    Willis, Governor Frank B. - Ohio governor



   Galena Village History

         Galena Houses
Galena School


          Clubs and Organizations
          Doctors and Health
          Post Office
          Recreation and Sports
          Town Hall and Village Square
Nescafe - First Instant Coffee and
    Instant Food
NestlesNestea - First instant tea

First Ohio State Fair Butter Cow -
    made with Sunbury Co-op
    Creamery Butter
RFD - First in the nation    



Your Assistance is Needed
Who are these girls, their church? photo from Bill Bronsch

Can you identify the people in this photo or the location  of the business?
International Harvester Company in South Condit - postcard from Jeff Sellers

Do you have a photo of the old Sunbury Firetruck? We would like to add it to the story of the fire department.

Also looking for a photo of the jail cell which was inside the east door of the Town Hall.
contact me

Do You Know about the Railroad School #9,
Victory Camp on Big Walnut Road
or Franklin Station
?  We would like photos to post  contact me

Do you know when the Greyhound bus stopped picking up people at the Grill in Sunbury?   contact me

Still Looking for Information About the Quilt
1919 Genoa Township Quilt of Soldiers and Sailors research by Carolyn Maruggi
Franklin Railroad Station in Genoa Township contributed by Florobel Lacher

Looking for identification of these photos
Center VIllage High School 1919 - from Pam Evener
Center Village School Before 1919- from Pam Evener
Berkshire 1894 - photo from Terry Easton
Galena 7th and 8th Grades - Harold Roof Teacher
Galena School Grades and Year Unknown- Harold Roof, teacher
Linco Service Station
Help Us Identify These Photos
East Side -postcard circa 1909   Help!
1919 Genoa Township Quilt of Soldiers and Sailors research by Carolyn Maruggi

Baseball Players  AND other teams?  need identification
Condit Cornet Band - 1890 photo from Ken Crowl
Employees of Sunbury Manufacturing Company - photo from Ken Crowl
Nestles Sunbury Picnic, July 4, 1921

 Sunbury 1920 Basketball Team

Sunbury School Photo 1923 - Photo from Don Edwards
Sunbury School Primary Students about 1924

Ross Dent Road School 19071913,  1914,  1915,  1916,  1925 or 26

Trenton Township Special School 1886-7

Most Recently Added
Added in February 2017
Conklin & Irwin- 1930 Granville Street

See the Bicentennial Articles running in The Sunbury News

Added in November 2016
World War II Veterans Buried in Trenton Cemetery - compiled by Suzanne Allen and Warren Owen
World War 11 Veterans Buried in Berkshire Cemetery - compiled by Suzanne Allen and Warren Owen
Korea War Veterans Buried in Berkshire Cemetery-
compiled by Suzanne Allen and Warren Owen
Veterans of the Vietnam Conflict buried in Berkshire Cemetery-
compiled by Suzanne Allen and Warren Owen
Iraqui Freedom Soldier Buried in Berkshire Cemetery-
compiled by Suzanne Allen and Warren Owen
Added in September 2016
1923 Football Team, 35-0 Record

1905-6 Harlem Township, District 1ouvenir for Students Booklet - from Pam Evener

Added in August 2016
Bicentennial Emblem on McNamara Barn-2016

Blacksmith-Long John Roberts ** by Polly Horn

Added in July 2016
Forman Realtors are 50 by Lenny Lepola

Added in May 2016
Across Square From NorthEast Corner -1899-1900**

Added in April 2016
WWll Veterans Buried in Sunbury Memorial Park - compiled by Suzanne Allen and Warren Owen

Added in March 2016
Edwards Honored-2015


Big Walnut Area History

Prehistoric: Galena:
Sunbury's Glacial Boulders
Glacier Boulder*
       Biggest Rock - ODNR
Ancient Ohio Trail - Plan to travel through
        Ohio's ancient past
Also see:
Community Library Ohio's 200th Display
Early Settlers:

Big Walnut Area: SUNBURY:







MILITARY- See Individual Wars
listed under WARS below





   Centralized Schools




   Consolidated School: 
        Big Walnut Local Schools 1950-





Wars:   Just a Common Soldier by Larry Vaincourt
                                a.k.a. A Soldier Died Today

American Revolution

War of 1812

Civil War


  Spanish American War

World War I


World War II

Korean War

       Spearman, Corporal Harry L.

       Korea War Veterans Buried in
        Berkshire Cemetery-
compiled by
        Suzanne Allen and Warren Owen

Vietnam Conflict

War on Terrorism


also see Thumbnail History Sketches and Maps

Berkshire Township:   Kingston Township:
Genoa Township:   Porter Township:


Harlem Township:   Trenton Township:




Community Library Displays
for Ohio's Bicentennial

Famous People with
            Big Walnut Ties

Displays by Margaret Arnold

Prehistoric Ohio in Big Walnut - January 2003
Community Library - February 2003
Berkshire Township - March 2003
Trenton Township - April 2003
Harlem Township - May 2003
Genoa Township - July 2003
Kingston Township - September 2003

This is a work in progress. 
More History articles will be added
 as time and money permits.

Porter Township - November 2003

Other Sites with History or Photos from the Big Walnut Area
delawarecounty - Community Library site
Greeting from Delaware, Ohio - Picture Postcards of Delaware County, Ohio

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