Civil War Veterans in Galena Cemetery,
Berkshire Township, Delaware County, Ohio

Compiled by Suzanne Allen

Adams, Private Joseph J.  1845-1924, Enlisted July 29, 1862 at age 18, Company A, 95th Regiment OVI, Wounded August 30, 1862 at Richmond, Kentucky, Discharged on Disability November 28, 1862 

Arnold, Captain Charles R.  1838-1895, Enlisted in August, 1862 at age 23,  Co. G, 96th , Regiment, OVI; made Corporal January,1863; made Sergeant May 11 1863;  In 1864 transferred into Veteran Reserve  Corp.

Beard, Private Truman   1837-1903  Co. C., 4th Regiment OVI,    Enlisted June 3, 1861; was in hospital due to illness for 4 months in Harpers Ferry, VA; fought in Battles of Gettysburg, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Petersburg; spent time in Libbyville prison for Union officers in Richmond, Virginia; Mustered out June 12, 1864; Died in 1903 at age 62 at son’s home in Warren, Ohio  see more on Beard
                            (Information from descendant Bill Huber)
Bill wrote:  Georgiana Beard Cartwright of New Castle, wrote in a letter to her sister in 1978 that their grandfather Truman Beard had spent time in Libby Prison for 4 months.  I never found any records to support this but did find that he spent 4 months in a hospital at Harpers Ferry.  I think grandmother confused this hospital stay with a prison visit!

Truman Beard tombstone

Bigelow, Henry C., 1842-November 28, 1863 Company D, 20th Regiment, OVI,  Died at age 21

Bolton, Thomas M.  1833-1884,  served in Army, Company H, 174th  Regiment, OVI

Campbell, Corporal William H.   1837-1915, Enlisted in 1861, Company H, 39th Regiment, OVI, Discharged April 24, 1862 at New Vienna, Ohio                               

Closson, Private James W.   1846-1899, 32nd Regiment, OVI

Cook, Private Virgil C.  1847-1864, served in Army, Co H, 2nd  Regiment, OVI, died March 25, 1864 at age 17 

Cook, W. Emmett   1840-June 18, 1862, served in Army, Company D, 20th Regiment, OVI

Crego, Private Monroe    1837-1914, Enlisted May 2, 1864 at age 25,     Company B, 142nd Regiment, OVI, (National Guard), Mustered out September 2, 1864 at Camp Chase, Ohio. Listed on 1870, 1900, and 1910 Berkshire Township census, farmer.

Dustin, Private John Howard   1843-1936, Enlisted 1862 at age 19, served in Army, Company D, 20th Regiment, OVI, Disability discharge July 14, 1865  

Dyer, Captain Jay Norton   1819-1905, Enlisted in 1861 at age 41 Company I, 32nd Regiment, OVI, served at Grafton and Cheat Mountain Virginia, saw action at Greenbriar and Beverly in Western Virginia, served in U. S. Navy, resigned April 1862 
                                                                        Capt. Jay Dyer tombstone

Gelvin, Private John B.   1852-1913, Company B, 59th

Regiment, OVI

Hoy, Private William E.  1841-1909, served in Army, Company C, 62nd Reg. OVI, listed on 1860 Genoa Township census as farmer

Hughes, Private George W.  1842-1864, enlisted in 1861, served in Army, Company K, 121st,   Regiment, OVI

Johnson, D. B.  1816-1886

Johnson, Private Harrison    1838-1923, served in Army, Company E, 72nd Regiment, IL Infantry

Jones, Charles L.  1842-1924, Company E, Yates Battalion 

Kinman, Charles  C.     1839-1883, served in Army, Company I, 23rd Reg., KY Inf. 

Lawson, Colonel Orris
   1827-1907, Enlisted in 1861, Company A, 3rd Regiment, OVI, served as Lieutenant Colonel of 2nd Brigade under Colonel John Beatty and Major General George Thomas.  Lawson and a scouting party were sent to storm Middle Fork Bridge in Western

Virginia (now WV) just before the Battle of Rich Mountain.  Lawson served in the 14th Army Corp. or Army of the Cumberland under Commanding Officer, Major General William S. Rosecrans, U. S. Army, at the Stones River or Murfreesboro, Tennessee Campaign, from December 26, 1862-January 5, 1863.

Lawson was a POW and then mustered out Jun 21,1864 according to the  Official Roster of Soldiers of the State of Ohio. His sketches of Civil War camp in Western Virginia are displayed at the Ohio Historical Center. 


Col. Orris Lawson tombstone

Leary, John,  1838 (Ireland)-1902 (Galena,Ohio), Enlisted as private 12/10/1863 at age 23 in Company A, 3rd Cavalry; promoted to full Corporal; Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio

Moore, Private James  1842-1919, served in Army, Company G, 123rd Regiment, New York Cavalry                      

Preston, Private George W.   served in Co. M, 3rd Ohio Cavalry. His unit served in Kanawha District in Western Virginia and the Army of the Potomac.

Roberts, Private George J.  1831-1907, served in Army, Company F, 13th Regiment OVI

Seymour, Sergeant Albert M.  1835-1887, Enlisted August 18, 1862 and  served in Army, Company F, 93rd Regiment, OVI; Mustered out May 23, 1865 at Murfreesboro, Tennessee; 1870 and 1880 census shows him living in Berkshire Township

Slack, Corporal Charles A.  1842-1863, Company G, 6th U.S.  Cavalry, killed at Fairfield, Pennsylvania, in Battle of Gettysburg on July 3, 1863, age 21; lived in Berkshire Township on 1850 and 1860 census;     Slack GAR Post 59 in Galena named for him

Smythe, WAG and Private James Rockwell   1840-1919, enlisted in 1861, served in Army, Company D, 76th Regiment OVI, discharged in 1864; was listed on 1880 and  1910 censuses as living in Galena, Berkshire Township

Van Fleet, Private Merritt, 1836-_____ , Enlisted in 1862, Co. G, 96th Regiment, OVI, Mustered out July 7, 1865, Listed on 1850 Berkshire Township Census

Van Houten, Private James    1838-1869, Company H, 174th Regiment, OVI, served in the Shenandoah Valley at Cross Keys & Harpers Ferry, mustered out June 20, 1865 at Washington, D C

Waters, DRUM & Private Lyman J.   __-1907, Co. G, 18th  US Infantry

Weeks, Private Oscar Frank     1835-1910, served in Army, Co. I, 32nd Regiment, OH Infantry 

Weeks, Theodore Frederick   1829-1910, lived in Berkshire Twp. in 1860, served in 16th Reg. Maine Infantry                                              

Winship, Corporal Charles J   1840-1864, Co. C, 4th Regiment, OVI, died of  congestion of lungs at Romney, VA on Nov. 24, 1864, buried in Galena Cemetery 

Dirst, Sergeant Sylvester, 1843-1864, Company K, 121st Regiment, OVI, enlisted September 11, 1862, mustered out April 26, 1864 at Chattanooga, Tennessee, and died April 27, 1864- Buried in Chattanooga National Cemetery- Lived in Berlin Township on 1850 census and in Berkshire Township on 1860 census (Also has a tombstone in Galena Cemetery)


“Delaware County Burials of Civil War Soldiers”

“The American Civil War Roster of the 96th OVI”

“Cemetery records”

"Cemetery Records of Delaware County, Ohio,"  Compiled by John W. Bricker Sr., 1970

Research by Suzanne Allen with Sunbury Halter & Saddle 4H Club Members checking cemetery for markers and placing needed markers and all Civil War flags. 

Flags for all veterans are being furnished by the John Bricker family.

New markers are being furnished by the American Legion and Delaware County Veterans Association.

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