Spanish American War - 1898 Veterans  in Galena Cemetery
as of April 21, 2017

Honored by Students of Big Walnut Middle School for a Community Service Project
 under the leadership of Ed Kitchen
Veterans Graves Identified for B.W.A.H.S. by Suzanne Allen and Warren Owen
Soldiers Records Researched by Susanne Allen
Flags and Holders Provided by American Legion Post
Photos and Posting by Polly Horn, Curator of Myers Inn Museum

 Bennett, Franklin Walker, 1875-1931. Served in Company A OVI during Spanish American War.  
  Waldron, Louis, F., 1871-1927. Served in Company L 12th Infantry; Served from 1898-1902 in Hospital Corps U. S. A. during Spanish American War; Discharged on May 8 1899 in Washington, D. C.
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