Nestls Goes Down

Owner Dan Cashman announced all but the warehouse is to come down.  The salvage company taking down the facility will reclaim and sell as much as possible to cover the cost.
Work crews began the process
Ground level removed
Word quickly spread Wednesday afternoon, August 17, 2011,  about 2:20 that the first building was to be pulled down.
Cables were connected to the building and to large equipment which began to pull but the building did not move.  Note men are working around piles of materials already removed from the facility.
Men went in with torches to make bigger cuts in the beams.  You could hear the building klunk as the severed beams dropped.

"I never thought I would live to see this building come down, " commented Bob Comstock who worked there.  When they added additions it was for a plant to be here forever.

The cables were once again pulled tight and within in seconds it began to fall.
By 4:20 it was down and the dirt settled.

Lenny Lepola's photo of the building coming down

Debris turns the bright day into night


Photos by Lenny Lepola and Polly Horn

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