Looking Southeast Down Vernon from Cherry Street
Postcard circa 1909 donated by Jo Courtright

1. Blakely & Williams Building
2.Budd’s Grocery & Meat Market
3. R. P. Anderson's Drug Store
Later became the Strong's, then Ward's,
     then Sunbury Hardware Store
     now Longbranch

9.  Granger's Saloon
10.  Kempton Building

Red in known, probably,  later

Buildings #2-#6 were lost in the 1926 fire
Contact me if you know which business was in which building
Strong & Stanforth, hardware;
Budd’s Grocery & Meat Market;
Lake & Wintermute Barber Shop;
Franklin Spark’s, dry cleaning and pressing; H. W. Stone, barber shop;
John Williamson & Sons, auto & implement dealers
U.S. Post office;
Dr. C. D. VanHouten, dental parlor
and R. P. Anderson, drug store
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