The Sunbury News, July 21, 2016

n 1966, Ted L. Forman put a For Sale sign in the ground and Forman Realtors was born.

A Sunbury native, Ted Forman was born a twin in a small house in the village and was raised in Sunbury in part by his uncle Frank Stelzer due to family losses, including the eventual loss of his single mother.

His granddaughter Kelly Forman, in a recent press release, said Ted was grateful for the way the Sunbury community invested in him as a child and young man, and he dedicated his life to giving back to the community.

Realtors celebrate 50 years

By Lenny C. Lepola -
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Pictured standing left to right are  Roland Higgins, Mike Forman, Linda Wehrle, Kelly Forman, Jennifer Fielding, Steve Barbeau, Don Poland.
Kneeling in front
are Michael Pankuch and Martin Forman on the right.

“Ted married Betty (Jones) Forman, and they raised four children, educating them in the Big Walnut school system,” Kelly said. “He was an entrepreneur and started Forman Realtors with the intent to buy, sell, build, and develop both residential and commercial properties.

“That was his day job,” Kelly continued. “At night, Ted worked for 28 years as a janitor for Sunbury Savings and Loan, now the location of Chase Bank on Sunbury Square. Through that job he was eventually asked to become a founding board member of New Albany Savings and Loan.”

Kelly said Ted was also instrumental in founding the Delaware County Board of Realtors and served on the Big Walnut Local School District Board of Education. He was an active member of the Sunbury Lions Club all his life and built the Lions Building at JR Smith Park.

“Ted’s success at Forman Realtors and beyond came from his forward-thinking vision, unwavering strength, and endless generosity,” Kelly said. “He worked seven days a week year round and helped anyone and everyone he could. He loved to see people getting into their own homes and was known to give or loan down payments to his clients.”

Kelly said Ted Forman’s development efforts created many jobs in Sunbury. He brought in companies like American Showa, BryAir, Inland Finishing, and Kintner Industries. He built part of the Nestle’s Warehouse and the current Big Walnut Intermediate School. Ted also built hundreds of custom homes and planned or developed areas like Barleycorn, Greenbrier Road, Cupstone Drive, Foxboro, and the Kintner Parkways. He also developed Walnutview Drive, where he eventually retired.

Mike Forman, Ted’s oldest son, joined Forman Realtors as a young man and worked alongside his father all of his life. Mike is currently the managing broker and is joined by his children, Martin Forman and Kelly Forman, who are also both realtors. The Forman Realtors team today also includes Steve Barbeau, Jennifer Fielding, Mike Pankuch, Linda Wehrle, Roland Higgins, and Don Poland.

“Forman Realtors continues to grow as we celebrate our 50th year,” Kelly said. “In celebration, we’ve already joined parades in Utica, Centerburg, and of course the Sunbury Bicentennial Fourth of July Parade. You’ll find us at the All Horse Parade in Delaware, celebrating the Big Walnut Homecoming, and at Sunbury’s Christmas on the Square.”

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