Genoe Town House - 1880

On 5007 Tussic Street Road and the corner of Big Walnut Road is a brick building which looks much like a one room school.  Anyone driving by would think it had
been a school. 

But after studying the photos of the building, Delaware County Auditor's website and "Records of Early Schools in Genoa Township, Delaware County, Ohio," by Phyllis Davidson and Betty Kenney, I do not believe this was a school house.

In the stone fan over the front door it says Genoe Town House 1880.  Name change?
Note two windows on each side of the building.  Schools usually had a minimum of three to let in the most light possible. It was safer than kerosene or candles.

View from Big Walnut Road

Davidson and Kenney used the township school records to write their book.  With all the detail in the book it is not likely they missed this building if it had been a school.

According to them there were 9 school districts in Genoa Township but none at this intersection.

Today this building belongs to the Genoa Township Trustees.   Thanks to Don Foster who brought this to my attention and to Damon Bower for providing the photos taken March 21, 2019.                                        Polly Horn, Curator of Myers Inn Museum

Delaware County Auditor's Website,
     Davidson, Phyllis and Kenney, Betty.  Records of Early Schools in Genoa 
             Township, Delaware County, Ohio, 1821-1920.  Compiled 2011.       
             Available in Community Library

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