East Side of the North Side
of the Sunbury Square

1. Farmers Bank, National City Bank, Tablerock Construction
2. Benoy building housed The Sunbury News, Deering Hardware
3. Benoy house before turned. The Sunbury News after turned
4. Restaurant became Whitney Insurance,
5. Barber Shop then Sunbury Grill, 
6. Perfect - Patrick Store, which later was Virgil Edwards Motorcycle Shop,
    Lester Warner's Photography Studio, ice cream store.
6 & 7. are Patrick Building, Racket Store, which became Chauncey Root's
    Building after 1927 fire.  Later Virgil Edwards, Miles, Iacono's Italian
    Restaurant and Linda Powell's Linda's  3. 
8. is the Truman Thomas house across Vernon Street

Patrick Building
Northwest Corner of Cherry and Vernon Streets

Benoy House before turned (The Sunbury News), Whitney Insurance, Sunbury Grill,  I. M. Price Crown Pianos and Furniture.  Patrick Building wraps around the corner.  It housed the Perfect - Patrick Store, the Post Office, a Shoe Repair Stop

Perfect - Patrick Store

Clyde Perfect and Henry Cook
Tobacco and Barber Shop in Sunbury Grill Building
Later a Kroger Store


Henry Huff's hack which ran from Sunbury to Delaware and back

Racket Store - Before 1927 Fire

Chauncey Root built brick building as Roots Department Store in 1928

Root's Department Store under the proprietorship of J. P. Miles - in 1966

Whitney Insurance, Sunbury Grill, Iacono's Restaurant

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