5 South Columbus Street. . . .

Gross' Marathon Station


Built in 1920, the 2712 square foot building on the southwest corner of Cherry and Columbus Streets has had several businesses in the lower level and an apartment in the upper level.  See gasoline pump at corner near street.  Streets are bricked.


Walt Gross bought the building about 1959.  It was a Shell Station then a Marathon Station.  Photo taken in 1966.  "Harold Kintner delivered gas to the station," remembered Jim Gross, Walt's son.

Jim Hoover, John Reichelderfer (the barber) and Walt Gross

Walt sold the station to Glenn Martindale in 1978.  Martindale converted the building into a Pizza Parlor.  In addition to the pizza, a Tanning shop was in the back of the first floor for awhile.  Raymond Bryant sold Antiques and Flowers from the main floor for many years.  In 2012 the building belongs to Glenn's son, Eric Martindale, but the facility is empty.


Jim Hoover and Walt Gross.

Thanks to Jim Gross for these photos of his Dad in front of the station

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