'Play Ball!' Meant Fields to Play In

retold by Polly Horn


Before TV, all forms of sports and athletics were the most popular entertainment in Delaware County. Towns and even companies had competitive teams who often played against other county teams. All had a home place to play - a court, field, or gym they called home.

Often these fields were built by volunteers wanting a good safe place for people to play and spectators to watch.

Facing the northwest corner of the field.  Back of house moved to Morning Street from the corner of Vernon at Granville in 1940's.  Sunbury High School Ball field, then Big Walnut High School ball field after school was built on Baughman Street in 1951.  Scene of ball games, horse shows and Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in the early 1900's and later reenactments.


Nestle's ball park off South Columbus Street


Southworth Memorial Park at the Big Walnut Conservation Club ,12211 Hartford Road. 
Originaly named to honor Billy Southworth, manager of the St. Louis Cards and the Boston Braves, the Ballpark is the Girls' Softball field in  2020.

Dedication of Delaware County Bicentennial Historical Marker July 4. 2020  

Galena Baseball team  perhaps at  Ruffner Park?  
see Galena Baseball

Big Walnut High School Football Field  off Baughman Street

Built by a dedicated group of local business men, athletic boosters and other community minded people the football field was built with no school or tax  monies.  It was all volunteer labor and supplies.

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