Articles by Polly Horn published in The Sunbury News in 2016

Sunbury Plat Map

January 7 The Sunbury News
January 14 Why the Name Sunbury
January 21 Roots in Pennsylvania
January 28 Farmer's Bank Saved by Buttons and a Raccoon
February 4 Sunbury's Glacial Boulders
March 3 Myers Family from Pennsylvania to Ohio
Sunbury Plat Map
March 10 William Myers Family
March 24 Remembering Sunbury of 1846-Amos L. Shangle
March 31 Lawrence and Eliza Brown Myers
May 5 Henry and Martha- Two of Lawrence's Children
May 12 Thomas Philip Myers, Lawrence's Son
May 19 Digging Again at 44 Burrer Drive
June 9 Reviving Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in Sunbury
June 16 Life without Smart Phones
June 22 Sunbury's Centennial
July 14 Spring Fed Creeks Bring Businesses to Sunbury (Gammill's Hoop Factory and Burrer Mill)
July 21 What  a Difference an E Makes!
Early Sunbury Mills and Stone Quarry
July 28 Burrer's Mill Succeeds in Sunbury
August 4 Electricity Comes to Sunbury
August 11 Cook's Harness Shop -Cooks of Down-Town Sunbury
Oatfield Whitney's Memories from 1930
August 25 At the Cross Roads- the Boyer Hotel
September 9 Hezekiah Roberts or Hezekiah Rogers, part 1
September 29 Hezekiah Roberts or Hezekiah Rogers, Part 2
October 6 First Football Team in Sunbury
November 24 S Curve in Letts Avenue
December 1 Christmas-on-the-Square
December 11 Remembering Sunbury 1912-1918 with Mildred Weiss Tarshish
December 29 Blue Grass Grove with Esther McCormick
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