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Sunbury High's
First Football Team

Back Row:  Raymond. Jahn,  Kerfoot Morris, Hoyt Whitney, William Lee,
                       Paul Stelzer, and  Henry Beaver
Second Row:  Carl Perry, Orvel. Kempton, Carleton Burrer, Merrill Mathews, and
                    Walter Adams
Front Row:  Ashton Perfect, Eldon Condit        


 In 1944  
   Yearbook . . . .

How the First Sunbury Football Team Became a Reality

Resubmitted to The Sunbury News by Polly Horn, Bill Whitney's daughter

Pictured above is the first Sunbury High School football team in 1926 and it took a lot ot finegeling to get it.

Galena had a team and had been playing since 1923 when their football team had a 35-0 record under Coach Lybarger.  For some reason Sunbury’s board rejected  the idea.  Bill Whitney was the older brother of Hoyt who was one of the boys who really wanted to play. Bill recalled the events which led to Sunbury’s first football team in a Sunbury News article published June 30, 1966.

  have had a team ever since 1926," Bill
Whitney says.

The Sunbury News, June 30, 1966

Most of the players from the team stayed in Sunbury and became backers of future football teams. They would have been proud of the boys in the 2007 team who won the State Championship.

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