Sunbury High School 1908 or 1909

Photo once belonged to Guy B. Hoover
Only part of the people are named

Back Row: Joe Landon, Harold Cook, Gordon Burrer, , , Harvey Allen, , , , Henry Wilson.

2nd Row: Mr. Philips, Elizabeth Sedgwick, Kate Irwin,    , Leta Kempton, Aubury Benony, Ruth Freeman,    , Annabell Gorsuch,     , Ruth Gorsuch, Mr. Milton Utley.

3rd Fern Buckingham, Charles Kempton,    ,    , Will Loar, Gabot Irwin,    ,    , Wilson Edwards,
Guy B. Hoover, Clyde Wilson.

4th Row:     ,  May Budd, Dienia Perfect,    ,    ,  Clarence Utley

5th Row: Rose Benony, Hattie Osborn,  ?  Boyd, Hazel Shicks,     , Nellie Baker, Helen Cook,    , Leota Domigan, Francie Clark,     ,

6th Row: Vinna Lane, Carrie Forword, Bertha Freeman,    ,    ,    ,    ,    ,     .


Thanks to John Bland for giving this photo to the Myers Inn Museum.
If you know the names of any of the other people please contact me

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