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Sunbury School - date unknown

6th Row Back: Frank Watts - Grammar School, Burt (Birt) Kempton - Janitor
5th Row Back: Myrtle Waldron, Fawn Ramsey, Olive Williams, Edna Gregg, ?, Kate Ford,   ?,  Edna Carpenter, Fanny Gregg, Edith Gill, Professor Durrant
4th Row Back: Howard Domigan, ?, Blain DeWolf, Glen Healy, ?,  Waldo Walker, Whitey Boston, Frank MacFarland, Parker Burrer
3rd Row Back: ?, Eddie Haller, George Sedgwick,  ? DeWolfe, ? MacFarlay, Willie Budd, ? Ford, ?, ?Ford
Kneeling: H. Domigan, Harry Snow,  Leroy Gill, Rudy Burrer?, Charles Griste, Royal MacFarland,  Harold Cook
Sitting in Front: ?, Edna Budd, ?, Faye Cornel
If you can identify any of these ?, Tell Me    

. . . .And Now You Know
by Polly Horn


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(03/21/2006 )

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