Sunbury School
Superintendent Asa C. Myers, Teacher Verdie Meredith

Mildred Gelston identified people in this photo as follows:  1. ? Carpenter, 2. Paul White, Mildred Gelston, 4. ? Clawson.
5. Leroy Dixon,  6.  Richard Doane, 7. Forrest Clark, 8.  Raphael Hervey, 9. Robert Heddon, 10, Raymond Morrison.

11. Bertha Cline, 12. Garnet Ahrendt,  13 Alfred Edwards, 14.  Junior Whitney, 15.  Carl Dawson, 16. Raymond Overturf,
17. Charles Lake, 18,  Betty Rogers, 19 Ruth Magill,

20, Judson Messmore, 21.  Darwin Baker, 22 juanita Cole,  23. Kenneth Cole, 24,  Bill Kuntz, 25.  Raymond Allen, 26. ? Edwards, 27.  Jennabelle Myers,  28. Mary Stelzer,  29.  Hester Lee,   Elizabeth Boden.

30.  Mary Frances Stone, 31.Elizabeth Boden,  32.   Aubrey Downing, 33.  Forrest Overturf,  34, Gerald Strosnider, 
35.  Mildred Morris,  36.  Charles Jenkins,  37,  Helen Snavely, 38.  Maxine Williams.

At least part of the students in the class graduate from Sunbury High School in 1932 so this photo may have been taken in 1924.  If you know any of the other children or more about the photo, please contact me


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Mildred Gelston married late in life and had no children.  Her photos were given to Polly Horn by a descendant of her husband.


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