Big Walnut Grad & Coach in Hall of Fame . . . .

Ed Barker Award from OAT & CCC

The Ed Barker Award is given as acknowledgement to the individual who has shown the most exceptional service to the Ohio Association of Track and Cross Country Coaches and to the sports of track and cross country in Ohio.  

Don “Red” Edwards has given over fifty years of service to the sport of Track and Field in Ohio.  He started coaching at Big Walnut in 1957.  Except for a few years, he has remained involved.  Red started both boys and girls cross country programs at the high school level.   He also began the middle school programs in 1985. Red was the first member inducted into the Big Walnut Hall of Fame.   For ten years, Red coached the Women’s division of the Ohio Track Club in central Ohio. 

Don "Red" Edwards

In 1976 Red started the Sunbury Track Club in which he still remains active.

Perhaps even more than his coaching, Don “Red” Edwards is known for his outstanding collection of track and field memorabilia.  After starting in 1954, Red’s collection has memorabilia.  After starting in 1954, Red’s collection has grown so much that he bought the house next door and now uses it for a museum.  It is free to the public.  The items are from around the world and the Ohio collection is an exceptional show case.  Since 1985, Red has displayed many of these items at our clinic.  They not only educate, but enhance the historic importance of track and field in Ohio.  Anyone attending our clinic will certainly enjoy and learn from what Red has included.

The OAT&CCC recognized Don by dedicating the 2009 clinic to him in appreciation of his dedication.  We are privileged to honor Don “Red” Edwards as our 2012 Ed Barker winner.

Information used with permission of OAT & CCC

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