Do you know these students, teachers, building?

It is believed this is a 1894 photo of a Berkshire School. 
Is this the school which used to stand on the southeast corner of Berkshire Corners??

Thanks to Terry Easton for sharing this photograph.

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Purl G Jones is third from the left in the middle row. 
Mother's patriline goes to the early days of Berkshire and most likely her g grandfather came to the area on one of Mose Bixby's expeditions. (Is there any organized documentation of early land owners brought to the area by Moses Bixby?)

Of the few family relics that persisted is this school picture of Purl G. Jones when he was in the third grade. (It looks like there are children of many ages in the picture.) From our research and family memory, Purl was born and raised in and about Berkshire to a farming family. He probably lived for a time in a home that still exists 1/3-1/2 mile north of Berkshire Corners and on the west side of the road. The ground rises maybe a couple of hundred feet from the road and the front yard and steps are steep enough that the back or side door (on the south) was commonly used for access. Somewhere there's a picture....

If there was a school in Berkshire in 1894, then this its probably a class picture, c 1894.  Purl is third from the left in the middle row. 

Hope you can identify the rest of the "troublemakers!" <grin>